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176 Bronson Ave, Ottawa ON K1R 6H4
(613) 978-9549
(613) 237-4922 ext 203 Toll Free 1-855-553-HURT
email david@

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Our Ottawa injury lawyers understand, we care, we’re here to help... and our track record proves it.
"David's team is professional, always available and fast. I would definitely recommend them to anyone searching for an injury law office." - SP Enterprise
"They are hard workers! They have amazing treatment and service, with a great staff behind it." - David S.
"Very kind, knowledgeable and professional! He seems honestly and sincerely concerned with helping those in need of his service and is definitely worth speaking to, as well as consulting with - a great lawyer!" - Dilpreet D.

Our Ottawa injury lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario.

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Looking for an experienced, successful, honest and dedicated Ottawa personal injury lawyer?

Being in an accident can be devastating and you may need an Ottawa personal injury lawyer. In a split second your life has changed and it may never be the same again.

You are suffering and so is your family. You may be wondering if you will ever be the same again. Can you still work? Will you return to the same quality of life? How can you get through all this? Are you worried about your children and your family? Will your injuries affect your relationships?

Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth and his team focus solely on accidents, personal injury and insurance claims in Ontario. We know how you feel and we can help you. You are not alone.


Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers you can rely on

Throughout the years, we have taken on some of the most challenging cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, ATV accidents or pedestrian accidents.  We have been hugely successful, getting millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.  Often times, these cases are referred to us by other lawyers with less experience. More than 95% of all Ontario injury cases settle without going to court. The remaining 5% are challenging and complicated.

We are not afraid to fight for you and take these cases to high levels of court, such as the Ontario Court of Appeal.  We have helped people suffering from paraplegia and severe head injuries get millions of dollars in compensation at the Ontario Court of Appeal, when other lawyers have turned their cases away.

We are not afraid to fight for maximum compensation; we insist on it.  We dedicate ourselves to advocating for all our clients and their families and we make sure they get the compensation, attention and care they need and deserve.

We understand, we care and we are here to help and our track record proves it.


Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to our clients and it shows

Our team works closely not only with our clients, but their families, physicians, nurses, social workers, physiatrists, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and any other treating health professionals that are part of the rehabilitative team.  As a team, we work together to make sure that our personal injury clients are getting everything they need. We also understand that if you are injured, it may be better if we come to you. We will travel throughout eastern Ontario to your home, hospital, or rehabilitative centre.

We really feel strongly about the team approach and helping as much as we possibly can. You can’t do this alone.


You can count on our team…

In 1999, David Hollingsworth started out as an Ottawa personal injury lawyer helping Ontario accident victims get the help and compensation they needed. He became known as the passionate advocate that Ottawa and eastern Ontario residents sought for help in maximizing their insurance claims. He understood what they were going through, he cared and he was there to help work through tough times.

David and his team are dedicated to a whole new level. David brought passion, energy, experience and empathy to each and every client’s case and consequently ended up becoming one of the top Ottawa personal injury lawyers.  Working in a successful Ottawa law firm of 60 years, David built his own team of lawyers that specialize in Ontario personal injury law. This team has helped hundreds of accident victims and their families not only get millions of dollars in maximum insurance compensation, but the emotional and rehabilitative support they needed after their accident.




Contact our Ottawa Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation


“I have rarely met with a client who is receiving the full amount of benefits that he or she needs and that he or she is entitled to following an accident, without the help of a personal injury lawyer. If you are injured, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to get every benefit to which you are entitled, so that you can get back to being the person you were before the accident. That’s what insurance is for. Don’t sell yourself or your family short. Let us help you…” - David Hollingsworth







* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.
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